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Dear Students,

As of 2.10.19, you are all invited to get to the service stands in order to load a semester and/or annual contract for the 2020 academic year.
Who is eligible for a Rav-Kav Student Profile?

  • A student, as defined in the Students’ Rights Law-2007
  • A nursing student, as defined in the Public Health Regulations (Nursing Staff Working at Hospitals) - 1988
  • A student at the Institute for Training Practical Engineers and Technicians under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.
  • Any student who is enrolled in a higher education institution which is recognized by the Council for Higher Education (CHE), and subject to the Transport Ministry’s directives.

Required documents:

  • ID card/Driver’s License/Passport - mandatory.
  • Valid proof of academic enrollment for the current academic year.
  • Valid Student Card for the current year.

Which students are allowed to present a Digital Student Card?

  • Students at the Academic College of Law and Science (“Shaarei Mada VeMishpat”), and Ono Academic College.
  • Students at the Or Yehuda Academic College.
  • Students at the Herzog College. 
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