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The Company’s Mission
The Company’s Mission

The Company’s Mission

Superbus management invests considerable resources in the continuous improvement of high quality performance and in implementing

ISO 9001:2015 work processes in line with the International Standard on Quality Management

and the Israel Standard of Safety in Transport Management, 9301:2007


We are committed to act according to the following rules:


  • Provide service per customers’ needs while constantly striving to improve customer satisfaction
  • Meet and comply with safety regulations • Adhere to time schedules
  • Strive constantly for professionalism and excellence and at the same time develop the organization’s human capital
  • Work according to service quality, and safety in transport management indicators
  • Implement a culture of learning and scrutiny in the organization, to achieve continuous improvements
  • Conduct risk survey assessment and set measures to prevent and correct mishaps
  • Promote activities to raise community awareness of road and transport safety
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Safety in Transport Management system
  • Undertake to meet all laws and regulations applicable to quality operations’ management
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