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About us

Superbus is a public transport company, owned by the Belilius family, which was established in 2000 when the public transport market in Israel opened up to competition.

Superbus operates two clusters: The Valleys and the Jerusalem Corridor. In these clusters, the Company transports around 40 million passengers per year in some 270 bus lines and has a fleet comprising about 700 city and intercity busses, some of which are operated by gas and electricity.

The Company employs some 1200 people.


Superbus has a subsidiary company, Superbus Transport”, offering a variety of transport services, including employees’, tourists’ and soldiers’ transport.  


In 2002, Superbus won the tender for operating the “Matityahu” Cluster, which includes Ramla, Lod, Modi’in Illit and Shoham; the Company ran the cluster until 2013

In 2009, Superbus won the tender for operating the “Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem” Cluster and is still continuing to run it to date.

In March 2014, Superbus won the tender for operating the “Valley” Cluster, replacing the Omni Express, Kavim and Afikim operators and in December 2014, the Company gradually started running the Valley Cluster until it ran the entire operation in July 2015. The Valley Cluster comprises 3 branches, located in Afula, Tiberias and Yokneam. 


As of July, the Company will start operating the “Jerusalem” Cluster it was assigned, following its successful bidding, and will replace Egged as the capital’s public transport operator.

In addition, Superbus was chosen to run the Haifa Metronit and the Cluster’s operations will start in October of this year!



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