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Superbus’ Environmental Policy
Superbus’ Environmental Policy

Superbus’ Environmental Policy:

Superbus invests considerable resources in complying with the required environmental standards and assists in promoting sustainable transportation in Israel. Superbus’ Environmental Policy includes several key areas:

Commitment to reduce energy consumption - with emphasis on reducing the organization’s main use of energy - its buses. This is to be accomplished by combining technological solutions together with connecting the drivers to the endeavor while providing training and regular updates on the subject.

Promoting sustainable transportation - as a public transport operator, catering for hundreds of passengers everyday, Superbus provides an alternative to private vehicles, thereby helping to reduce air pollution and fuel consumption. Superbus also reduces greenhouse gas emissions in Israel and contributes to the quality of life and the environment. The Company’s employees enjoy transportation to work and free travel on Superbus lines. Our subsidiary, Superbus Tourism and Travel, helps in reducing pollution by transporting our customers everyday, in varying numbers.


Superbus complies with all the environmental laws and regulations and strictly upholds the directives of the authorized bodies in charge of protecting the environment.

Energy consumption

Superbus’ main environmental impact comes from its bus diesel consumption. Diesel, as we know, is a non-renewable resource and its consumption leads to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. We are acting to reduce bus diesel consumption through a control system that monitors fuel consumption and by training our drivers to adopt energy-saving driving techniques as well as turning off the engine during a long break.

The Company’s vehicles are run under the most advanced and strictest Euro 6 Standard for environmental protection.


If you come across an event in which we, on our part, could take steps to prevent harm to the environment, you are most welcome to update us!

Please contact us at 1700-700-181, Superbus With You, All the Way! 



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